Green Kit

What is a Green Policy? 

A Green Policy is your company’s statement about your commitment to sustainability and environmental management. It shows that you are prepared to make a commitment to take action. 

Having a formal green policy shows your employees and customers that managing environmental issues is a high priority for your company. 

We suggest that you include the following in your company’s Green Policy Statement:
• A declaration of your company’s commitment to the environment;
• An overview of what your company is trying to achieve with your environmental goals;
• A commitment to prevent pollution and improve environmental awareness; and
• A list of what you will do to reach your environmental goals. 

Green policies don’t have to be exhaustive, it’s enough to make a statement in plain language that motivates others to follow your example.  

The policy should be communicated to all employees, stakeholders and customers as a commitment to helping the environment. 

Why do you need a Green Policy? 

A Green Policy benefits all and shows that your company is committed to protecting the environment and that you are a leader whose example others will follow. 

By creating a green vision for your business and implementing some simple best practice you’ll acquire the following benefits:
• A healthier, safer workplace;
• A way to engage employees and customers in discussions about the environment;
• The ability to meet customer green contractual requirements;
• A competitive advantage in the marketplace; and
• An enhanced image in the community and with existing and potential customers. 

Download the Green Policy Kit 

ALASH has prepared the documentation necessary to formulating and implementing a Green Policy. 

To access the documentation, simply click on the file name and download the PDF file.

Read the contents carefully and distribute the Green Policy Implementation amongst employees with a note from management explaining why the company wishes to implement a Green Policy and how each staff member is a part of this process; 

Print and attach the Green Kit stickers; Copy and paste the Green Policy statement onto your headed paper. Sign, add the date and send it to

Once we have received your Green Policy statement, we will issue you with a Green Certificate to display on your website and add to your Alash suppliers profile.

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