ALASH Day with TCO

On March 16th Algoritmi KZ and TCO hosted an ALASH Day. The event took place at Tengichevroil conference room during the morning, with participation from more than 100 companies from the Atyrau region, and the local media.

The first part of the event was dedicated to a presentation of the ALASH Unified Database. Algoritmi KZ Marketing Manager Baktygul Bulatkali presented the history of the ALASH system, from the vision of the Aktau Declaration initiative to create a unified database for all suppliers in the oil and gas industry, to how the ALASH system came to be. Algoritmi was chosen to lead the project due to its unique portfolio and experience of collaboration with Eni Kazakhstan since 2003 on several projects. 

The presenter then proceeded to explain in details the benefits of registering on ALASH for both operators and suppliers, as well as explain what are the future plans of the project. 

The second part of the presentation was a demonstration of the ALASH registration process for pre-qualification, where suppliers were shown in details all the steps in the progression of the application, and how to resolve issues regarding the commodity classes. 

The presentation then finished with a Q & A session were all the participants had the opportunity to ask members of Algoritmi KZ and TCO questions and raise their concerns about the project. 

“I am glad that the event had such a great turnout and that we were able to show old and new suppliers the benefits of this project” stated Baktygul Bulatkali, which later added “I would like to thank everyone that participated, and particularly TCO for allowing us to host such an event, and NPE for helping us with the invitation process and covering the event”.

What is ALASH

ALASH is an online Suppliers database for oil and gas Operators in Kazakhstan

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Business to Business


ALASH is a business-to-business portal that automatically manages the interaction between Supplier and Operator

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