Principal Benefits for Agents and Operators

Compliancy to the National objective of encouraging structured business-to-business interaction

Supports Procurement Departments by reducing the costs and the risks of selecting Suppliers

Encourages the development and use of local companies

Business information is continuously updated via an interactive approach to acquiring data
Vendors are in charge of updating their business information via online access to their accounts

Data for reports can be extracted from the website in Excel file format

The website can generate brief market analysis reports for operators

The automated procedures reduce costs and times


Operators can find Suppliers in the System by searching by the Commodity Class that the Suppliers selected during Registration. The Commodity Classes search engine works with free text entry or structured menu searches.

Operators can find Suppliers via Free Text searches. The System conducts the search by examining the information that the Suppliers provided in the questionnaire and inserted into the notes during the Registration process.

The Operator can access a Supplier’s Details form by selecting it from the list of search results.The form contains the Supplier’s general information, commodity classes, the full questionnaire and relative attachments. 

For Suppliers


Allows Suppliers full ownership of their data and allows them to keep their information updated

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What is ALASH

ALASH is an online Suppliers database for oil and gas Operators in Kazakhstan

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Business to Business


ALASH is a business-to-business portal that automatically manages the interaction between Supplier and Operator

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Streamlining and Optimizing

ALASH facilitates the registration process for small and medium enterprises and large companies

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Table Process Managed

ALASH is a strategic instrument that assures the continuity of production and procurement activities

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