Table Process Managed

The following table shows the entire process managed by ALASH. It highlights all of the registration steps, ranking, actors and stakeholders.

For Suppliers


Allows Suppliers full ownership of their data and allows them to keep their information updated

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For Agents and Operators

Compliancy to the National objective of encouraging structured business-to-business interaction

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Contact Info

Algoritmi KZ LLP
125 Maxim Gorky Street - (060002) Atyrau - Kazakhstan
Phone: +7 7122309437 - +44 2071935598
E-mail:  - Site:

What is ALASH

ALASH is an online Suppliers database for oil and gas Operators in Kazakhstan

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Business to Business


ALASH is a business-to-business portal that automatically manages the interaction between Supplier and Operator

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Streamlining and Optimizing

ALASH facilitates the registration process for small and medium enterprises and large companies

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