Kazakhstan to supply oil to Belarus

Kanat Bozumbayev, The Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan commented on the question of how much oil and oil products can be delivered to the Republic of Belarus.

The head of the Ministry of Energy said that Kazakhstan plans to supply 1-3.5 million tons of oil and oil products to Belarus.

"These are commercial negotiations. Last week, we are with the Belarusian side initialed an agreement on the supply of oil and oil products to their country, in general, on cooperation in this area. The basic principles are ready. We will go through the domestic procedures, then we will authorize someone, will sign it, then we will send it for ratification. There is enough time, ”Bozumbayev explained.

He added that last week he held talks with Russian Minister of Energy Alexander Novak, following which "they agreed on the principles with Belarusians."

“There is no negative reaction. Business reaction in the first place. We have good relations with our Russian colleagues. We solve a lot of issues that need to be signed and approved by telephone. We think that if relations extend to relations with Belarus, we will probably bring a touch of optimism to their relations in the oil and gas sector, ”Bozumbayev noted.

The next stage, as the head of the Kazakh Ministry of Energy put  is negotiations at the company level.

“Now Belneftekhim needs to conduct commercial negotiations with our companies. We assume that these are mainly companies that operate on the principles of PSA and TCO . How the negotiations will be held, then it will be possible to talk,” the speaker summed up.

Source: kusiv.kz


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