The Supplier Registration process of KPO and ZHAIKMUNAI

On June 13 of 2019, a forum-seminar was held in the city of Uralsk on “the process of prequalification of oil and gas operators in the West Kazakhstan region in the ALASH system”. 

The main goal of the event was to inform potential suppliers about the use of the ALASH database by Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V. and Zhaikmunai LLP. 

The event was attended by over 100 companies, as well as speakers from the ALASH database, Zhaikmunai LLP, KPO B. V., and Petrocouncil. 

The representative of the ALASH portal, Akhmetova Zharkynay, in her speech described the registration procedure in the database, as well as its advantages and opportunities offered for Kazakhstani suppliers. Today, ALASH has 3,500 companies, 90% of which are Kazakhstani enterprises. Three large oil and gas operators such KPO, NCOC, TCO as well as Zhaikmunai LLP and Isker Group use the database for searching of goods and services. 

Zhaikmunai has begun using the ALASH system since 2018. Zhaikmunai LLP is part of the Nostrum Oil & Gas PLC group of companies. The active asset of Nostrum is a license area of 274 km2 located in the Chinarevskoye field north of the city of Uralsk, near the border with Russia. In addition, in 2013, in order to increase the portfolio of reserves, the Group acquired the rights to develop three additional fields located within a radius of 120 km from the Chinarevskoye - Rostoshinskoye, Daryinskoye and Yuzhno-Gremyachinskoye fields.

In his speech, Talgat Kamangaleev urged participants to register with the ALASH database to work with Zhaikmunai, since ALASH is the only and main source for searching of goods, work and services for the Chinarevskoye field. This field is the main asset of the mining company, since the remaining three (Rostoshinskoye, Daryinskoye and Yuzhno-Gremyachinskoye) deposits are in the exploration phase without production, and they are procured through the Nadlock electronic platform.

 Askhat Utepbergenov, Head of Market Research and Supplier Qualifications, spoke as speaker from KPO operator. He told about the requirements for suppliers and the registration process in the Karachaganak Petreolium Operating database. KPO uses ALASH to search for new companies as part of market research work. For 2018, 77 new companies were involved in KPO market research. 

The representative of NCE Atameken of RK on work with KPO, NCOC and TCO, Jakiyev Asylbek, spoke about the ongoing work with operators on localization of production in Kazakhstan and successful cases in this area. Since January 2019, Petrocouncil which created with the support of Kazenergy and NCE Atameken of RK has been working with the ALASH team to create a joint venture. It should be noted that each company that is looking for a potential partner of Kazakhstan or international level can leave the request of the JV in the ALASH questionnaire. 

Following the presentations, a question-answer section was held, where all participants received all the necessary information and exchanged views on topical issues of working with customers.

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