ALASH Announcement Board

We are pleased to inform you that we have launched our new section for suppliers "Announcement Board"!

ALASH® Announcement Board is an integrated-system developed by Algoritmi to facilitate the very large community of Suppliers registered in ALASH® Application in the search of potential Partners. Using the market place, you will be able to publish announcements and/or for possible cooperation among the 3000 suppliers that are registered in the ALASH system today. 

ALASH® is offered as a free Service to Suppliers when publishing announcements and a fee-paying service to Suppliers who are looking for announcements using specific ALASH® coins. 

 Before the publishing Our team will verify the consistency of the information, then the announcement can be rejected or published. A notification email is sent to your email address in both cases. 

Each verified supplier is automatically given 10 coins. First time you access the details of the announcement of another company, one coin will be deducted from the current number of coins. After expending the coins on your account, you will be able to refill the balance by purchasing the package that is most advantageous for you. 

To publish the information for requesting or offering goods, services, personnel, partnership, you can click here. More detailed information you can obtain by contacting our help desk +7 7122 309437, or read the user manual. 

Make sure that the information you entered is true and reliable, as you are fully responsible for any errors and consequences related to the terms of use of the service. 

We remind you that access to this service is available only for verified companies in the ALASH system! 

If you didn’t finish your questionnaire, please complete It as soon as possible to obtain 10 coins for free.

 Best regards! 


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