ALASH Reaches 2000 Suppliers

The ALASH Unified Vendor Database has reached 2000 suppliers who have opened an account. 

“This is a great result for us and for our Operators. It is a clear sign that the project is heading in the right direction, and with the help of our Operators and stakeholders I am sure we will be ever more successful in the future” said Algoritmi KZ CEO Luigi Matticari. 

KPO posted a message on their website, announcing ALASH as the official database for all its activity relating to the procurement of goods, works and services. Once registered, each supplier will have full online access to their data in such a manner as to be able to update them in real-time. Registration on ALASH enables companies to become potential suppliers of KPO, TCO and NCOC which are the three main operators in the Oil and Gas sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

Details regarding the message on KPO’S website are provided at the following link: KPO

“Our goal to reach 2000 suppliers by the end of the year has been achieved, we now look at the future with great anticipation. The purpose of the ALASH system is to aid in the development of a business community in the Oil & Gas sector, with the objective of Local Content development and provision of single-window principle for suppliers, and it’s with great pride that we will proceed to work towards this goal” Mr Matticari continued. 

Algoritmi’s recent partnership with Turkish Company AA and Partners has also helped increasing the number of international suppliers, with many Turkish companies with interests in the Kazakhstani Oil and Gas Industry registering on ALASH. Algoritmi KZ plans to hold an ALASH Day in Turkey in the near future to consolidate the partnership and promote the creation of joint ventures between Turkish and Kazakhstani companies.

What is ALASH

ALASH is an online Suppliers database for oil and gas Operators in Kazakhstan

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Business to Business


ALASH is a business-to-business portal that automatically manages the interaction between Supplier and Operator

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