ALASH Green Kit

In theme with Expo 2017 on the Future of Energy, Algoritmi KZ decided to launch a set of Green Policies aimed at encouraging organisations to make a difference for the environment.  

A Green Policy is the company’s statement about commitment to sustainability and environmental management. It shows that firms are prepared to make a commitment and to take action. The initiative is part of Algoritmi’s social responsibility programme, which aims at recommending businesses to communicate to all employees, stakeholders and customers their commitment to the environment, and that managing environmental issues is a high priority. 

By creating a green vision for your business and implementing some simple best practice you’ll acquire the following benefits:
• A healthier, safer workplace;
• A way to engage employees and customers in discussions about the environment;
• The ability to meet customer green contractual requirements;
• A competitive advantage in the marketplace; and
• An enhanced image in the community and with existing and potential customers. 

Companies that wish to implement those policies will need to visit the ALASH website at the link provided below, and follow simple steps to download the relevant material. The ALASH Green kit is comprised of a Green Policy Statement, Green Policy Implementations, Green Policy Checklist and a series of posters and labels that can be printed off and distributed around the office premises. 

At present many companies have demonstrated their commitment to the environment and received their ALASH Green Certificate, with more and more companies applying every day. 

If you wish to apply for your green certificate, simply click on the link below and download the PDF files.
Green Kit

Once those steps are completed, send your company’s Green Policy Statement through email to the address and ask for their ALASH Green Certificate.

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