Algoritmi Business Services

A forward-looking organisation has to think about internationalisation in order to remain competitive in the global marketplace and be able to agree upon strategic deals with organisations from other sectors.

Algoritmi KZ’s goal is to assist foreign companies in every step of entry and development of the Kazakhstani market in a tangible way, thanks to a direct presence in the territory that enables us to guarantee continuity and efficiency in every operation. 

We assist Kazakhstani companies wishing to internationalise by offering a series of services that range from matching to translating corporate websites and brochures. 

ALASH as an instrument of Internationalisation and Marketing Intelligence
One of Algoritmi’s objectives is to create synergy between local and foreign organisations through a unified database of suppliers (local and foreign) that already operate in the Kazakhstani market. 

ALASH started as a database for suppliers to the “Oil & Gas” industry that allows every type of organisation to register and maintain their data updated (Take control of your data, take control of your future!) and demonstrate, through a questionnaire, a high level of professionalism and solidity. 

As the owner of the ALASH database, and having worked on projects in Kazakhstan since 1999, with offices in the territory, Algoritmi KZ is able to assist both international organisations that want to explore the Kazakhstani market and local companies looking for international partners. A description of our services to international and Kazakhstani companies follows.

Services to international companies include:
• Screening and matching;
• First contact facilitation;
• Visa assistance;
• Hotel selection;
• Meet & Greet;
• Driver;
• Local mobile number;
• Local fixed number;
• Interpreter;
• Personal Assistant;
• Desk & Office space;
• Meeting Rooms;
• Content Translation;
• Typography services;
• Meeting Rooms; and
• Legal and financial support.

Services to Kazakhstani companies include:
• Screening and matching;
• First contact facilitation;
• Content Translation;
• Typography services; and
• Legal and financial support.

What is ALASH

ALASH is an online Suppliers database for oil and gas Operators in Kazakhstan

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Business to Business


ALASH is a business-to-business portal that automatically manages the interaction between Supplier and Operator

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