Algoritmi KZ LLP at West Kazakhstan Technical Agrarian University

Algoritmi KZ, in collaboration with Mechta Laboratory, recently organised a series of courses at Uralsk’s West Kazakhstan Technical Agrarian University. 

Mechta Laboratory is an initiative aimed at creating a training and production center using Italian, Kazakhstani and international best practices in training future employees, technicians and managers. It seeks to create a link between the scientific world, students, institutions and entrepreneurs, where everyone gets his own role and benefit. 

Algoritmi’s project manager Michele D’Ascenzio and marketing coordinator Duncan Lowe introduced the courses and will be the lecturers for the future classes. 

The courses portfolio includes a series of classes in Project Management, Marketing Communications and Web & Database Development. This initiative, part of Algoritmi’s Social Responsibility Programme, involves a series of workshops aimed at training students and young professionals and preparing them for the world of work. 

The first course in Project Management took place from April 17th to 21st in the University facilities, and was attended by 25 students, eager to learn from the lecturer’s personal and professional experience. Students attending the courses will have the chance of collaborating in the creation of a new website for their University, and to work directly with experts in the field. 

The next course in Marketing Communication will be held at the University from May 15th to 20th, while the Web & Database Development one will be held from June 5th to 25th.

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