Chairman of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs Mr Kulibayev Visits Atyrau

"Procurement of subsoil users in the Atyrau region is a sphere for concentrating the attention of domestic business" stated the Chairman of the Presidium of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of RoK "Atameken" Timur Kulibayev at a meeting with the business community of the Atyrau region. 

"Today the most urgent issue in the Atyrau region is the Project of Tengizchevroil's future expansion and participation of Kazakhstan's businesses in this process. This is one of the main drivers for its further development. The volume of procurement of subsoil users in the territory of the Atyrau region is about 170 billion tenge. This is more than purchases of JSC Samruk Kazyna, three times more than the volume of state procurements. Therefore, our entrepreneurs need to fully use this opportunity", - said Timur Kulibayev. 

In addition, the Chairman of the Presidium urged businesses to pay attention to the creation and development of small industrial zones. In his opinion, this is also an additional niche for the development of entrepreneurship. 

"Throughout the Republic, large industrial zones are being created. In Atyrau there is a special economic zone, the "National Industrial Petrochemical Technopark". Basically, this is a niche for large and medium-sized businesses. I believe that the city needs to provide small industrial parks for small businesses. It can be an old non-operating enterprise, where there is a premise, infrastructure, that a novice entrepreneur can use it to develop his business. At the same time, such projects do not require large financial injections", - emphasized Timur Kulibayev. 

Asylbek Dzhakiyev, director of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Atyrau region spoke about the work to increase the share of local content.
According to him, cooperation has been established between Tengizchevroil LLP and the regional Chamber. There are effective points of contact for a productive partnership in matters of prequalification, in the organization of B2B meetings and in carrying out various activities aimed at supporting the subjects of not only regional business, but the entire country. 

"Recently, the tenders for the development of the domestic market, TCO sends both local regional companies and companies from other areas to the Regional Chamber for research. Atameken has an expanded database of SMEs in all regions and districts of the country. In addition, within the framework of cooperation, active work is carried out with the Department of Material and Technical Support. A joint forum of suppliers for 20 types of maintenance services gathered more than 200 companies participating in the republic. A number of them already cooperates with TCO, providing services and goods", - said Asylbek Dzhakiyev. 

Speaking about the principle of a "one-stop shop", today the regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs works with Algoritmi KZ, the operator of the Alash database system, where companies that are registered in the database become potential suppliers for the 3 main operators KPO, NCOC and TCO. With the help of this system, the staff of the Chamber provides daily various consultations for representatives of SMEs. Today, the number of registered companies is 1475. 

Now the task for the future is to sign an agreement between TCO and the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs to fulfil the function of a "single window" for all business entities. The document will give an opportunity to increase the share of Kazakhstan content on all projects of the company, and will become profitable both for the subsoil user and for entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan. 

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