ISKER Group Becomes ALASH Fifth Operator

From February 1st 2018 ISKER group became the fifth Operator of the ALASH Unified Vendor Database. 

ISKER Group is a Kazakh based conglomerate comprising a diverse range of construction and engineering products & services providing a one stop solution to its clients in the oil & gas sector as well as interests within the waste management, property, port operations, shipping, logistics, catering and leisure sectors. 

Since its concept and inception, ISKER Group has endeavored to ensure that its product and service deliver have been of the highest level and superior to those offered on the market. 

As the leading corporate group in Kazakhstan providing an existing and continually expanding diverse range of business solutions, ISKER Group are now moving into the international arena with plans over the next ten years to become the first-choice provider within many business sectors. 

ISKER’s portfolio includes:
• Construction, Civil, Commercial, Industrial & Residential Thumbnail image
• Facilities Management & Maintenance
• Engineering & Design
• Manufacturing & Fabrication
• Port Operations • Marine Operations
• Waste Management • Property Development
• Property Management & Serviced Leasing
• Logistics & Warehousing
• Catering & Leisure 

ISKER Group companies currently employ over 2,000 people, operating across Kazakhstan and several other countries, and major clients including corporate entities such as Agip KCO, ENI, Chevron, Shell, Exxon Mobil, British Gas & Kazmuniagaz. 

This addition will allow ALASH suppliers to have even more opportunities to work with the major Operators in the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

For more information about ISKER Group visit their website at: ISKER 

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